Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is This It?, 2009

Peacar, winter, 2009Li is 37. Tobi Sweeny is 37, Aaron and Simora are 10, Matt is 6.

Li feels like her life is stuck in autopilot.

She works on new plans into the night when inspiration hits her.

Reads a few books,

browses websites looking for design ideas

and pigs out on chinese food.

Mr.Fufu gets his daily playtime

and cuddles.

She has even begun to visit The Drip and work on her laptop there. Sometimes she pretends that she's a writer, working on her next bestseller, but mostly she checks emails and plays online solitaire.

Her children were growing up so fast, she couldn't believe that her little girl would be a teenager soon.

Simora has been showing more interest in her kimikurian background and Li often thought about returning to Kimikura with the children...but it brought back so many memories of their last trip...with Ping.

She had unsuccessfully ran for the hood council this past term,

her defeat wasn't that unexpected. It was an open secret that some residents still thought little of her for not taking primary custody of the children.

It was her life and hers alone, besides if she tried to please every sim in the hood, she would go crazy.

However, when Matt started to refuse hugs, she wondered if perhaps she wasn't around enough for her children.

She saw them weekly now.

Tobi would sometimes join them for dinner

and they gave the appearance of a happy family.

At one point she had a fleeting desire to rekindle their marriage, but that thought quickly ran from her mind.

Instead, now she this it?
ROS: Re-roll your turn-ons, eeek, hope you still like your partner!...

Li's new turn-ons did nothing in the sense of her attraction or lack thereof to Tobi. ACR still kicks in for them and she hasn't rolled any new wants or fears.

I'm debating having Li join the list of non-playables. She has permaplat and her wants panel typically cycle bewteen "Talk to Tobi", "Tickle Tobi", "Throw a Party", "Visit Tobi", "Tell Joke to Tobi". As soon as one want is filled it cycles to another one of the other wants. I've sent them on outings, I've sent her on vacations and had her interact with others, everything. I get it, Li. You're satisfied with life and your world right now...not very interesting.

I thought about doing a ROS for her or Tobi, but they have been getting the bulk of the ROS's lately and still nothing. Maybe she needs an extended international assignment.


  1. It's weird, the moment we're content with out lives, actually having everything we've wanted and dreamed of, we get uncomfortable and/or start questioning everything about it. Funny creatures of habit we can be.

    I like the interesting dynamic of Tobi having primary custody as opposed to Li. It's been ingrained in us for it to be the other way around but it is a shame that we can't see the other way around working just as well for the children.

  2. Maybe Li needs to visit some friendly hoods, just to get out, meet new sims and give you a small vacation on playing her. Maybe she'll find that "Mr. Right" while away traveling?

  3. Maybe a trip would be good for Li. She could probably use something different and a chance to meet new people.

  4. Isn't that frustrating when a sim won't have any interesting wants? I've been having that problem with James last round. I even played him extra days trying to come up with something more interesting than going to work and skill building. An international trip could be interesting for Li!

  5. I've definitely had sims that start to act like Li, and I can understand how frustrating that might be. A trip sounds perfect for her!

  6. Choco, I doubt Tobi would have left the court system alone if he didn't get custody of his children. It worked out rather well, though he is having issues with Simora that make him a bit uncomfortable. Thanks for reading!

    Riverdale, I like your idea, you might be getting a new arrival soon :P

    Shana, new people or even new wants would be welcomed at this point. Thanks for reading!

    Em, perhaps I should just send Li to New Eden for a while. After all, she is an architect, maybe she can help James out.

    Mandie The trip is becoming more and more interesting. Thanks for reading!

  7. Ohh I like the idea of Li taking a trip, but a piece of me feels sad for the children if she actually does go, she hasn't been the most active participant in her childrens' lives. It seems sort of like she'd be giving up on having a relationship with them, and with Simora coming into her teenage years, she really could use her mother around, I worry that will make her have issues.

  8. Maisie, There are definately consequences from their divorce. Simora was old enough to realize what was going on when they divorced, but she hasn't talked about it much, nor her brother's death. Simora tends to keep things to herself which sometimes doesn't work the best. Thanks for reading!

  9. If she keeps rolling these kind of wants, I understand that she's not too fun to play. I like Riverdale's idea :)

    I know you're not a follower of Simsecrets, but I just wanted to congratulate you with your love secret:
    It's very much deserved!

  10. Tanja, thanks for letting me know about the secret, it made my day :) I would be happy to send Li away on an extended trip.

  11. So you're thinking more of a long, extended trip? I agree with Maisie that it would be sad for the kids if she left but then again, it might also be the best thing to happen to any of them. Maybe when she returns she'll be a new woman, so to speak.

  12. Carla, a very long trip. I might send her on a tour of some other hoods. Usually when I do that, the other simmers breathe new life into the characters. Thanks for reading.

  13. That would be fun to have James and Li work together, but it might be awhile before I'd have a chance to play her visit . . . a long while. I'm just now starting to play out the McMillian's visit. I can see I might need to grow up the girls. :)

  14. Em, LOL! Yes, the girls are a bit older now :)

  15. Starr, just let me know. I'll make some room!


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