Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bringing Home Baby Havar 2010

Havar, fall, 2010

Susie held herself as the pain shot through her body again. She was trying to keep it together until Nicole and Lyndon made it to the house to get the children.

She tried to sit down and keep her mind off the pain as she watched the clock.


"Yes, Robin. The baby is coming."

As soon as Nicole and Lyndon arrived, Anthony literally carried his wife the several blocks to the hospital. She was in too much pain to walk.

They made it just in time since their third daughter was in a rush to get into the world and arrived less than an hour after they walked through the hospital doors.

In spite of her speedy arrival, the little girl was the perfect addition to the Wren family. Anthony was in charge of naming her and true to the bird theme, he chose Palila as her name.

"If you were a boy, you would have been Falcon, but I don't think mommy would have liked that." Anthony whispered to his youngest daughter as he fed her.

One thing that the couple did differently this time was to have Anthony take leave from his job to care for the newest Wren and allow Susie time to heal and attend auditions. They also made a few permanent birth control precautions and according to the doctor, they would not be having another child.

It was a good move as Susie was cast as the lead dance video star in the latest Rowdy Owls music video. It felt good to be back in the game.


It was the same routine it seemed. The cramps and pain started in the middle of the afternoon and Krissy knew that it would soon be time. They left their home later that evening, dropping Claudio off with S'Ahmisa and Ming.

"Don't you dare forget your kid, ok?" Ming whispered as they handed over an overnight bag for the toddler. "He's a cutie, but he's still not potty trained and I like my men to have some kind of control over their bodily functions."

"I don't know...I was thinking about a short trip afterwards..." Krissy teased.

Alphonso and Krissy did have a short trip if you consider the three simdays in the hospital before they were able to bring their baby girl, Isabella, home.

Alphonso would love to have another child and if Krissy were honest, so would she.  However their apartment was much too small and their paychecks were too slim as well.

Grace Elise knew what to expect as she sat still trying to ignore the itcy wig. She knew that when the doctor requested the meeting to take place in her office instead of the exam room.

She knew, but she didn't say anything. She didn't want to upset them. She knew that if she told her parents, they would contradict her and provide a list of reasons why she was wrong.

But she wasn't. It was her body and she knew. She knew that it wasn't responding to the increased treatment, or the new treatment, or the newest combination of treatments.

She was physically tired. The treatments sometimes did more harm than good. They were meant to kill the toxic cells, but in order to do that they needed to kill the non-toxic cells as well. It wasn't much better than those treatments she read about in simmish history class where leeches were used to suck the "bad blood" from patients, or holes were drilled into heads to cure illnesses.

Her parents responded like she thought they would to the news. Shock. Disbelief. Anger. Especially her father. He made it so difficult for her sometimes. She was his little girl, his mija. She knew that when his face softened around his eyes that he was about to give into her demands and she knew the hard glint that his eyes would get if he was upset.

Lately...lately she was seeing a new side of him. He seemed so much older and worn, like he was fighting a battle. She hated looking at him and seeing unshed tears in his eyes. It made her want to cry and she wouldn't cry...she couldn't cry. She had to be strong for them, for her family.

There wasn't much time. Simdays or if she were lucky a few simlonic months. She wouldn't see her graduation, that much was certain and they hoped that she would see the end of the simyear. She knew that there would be questions. Did she have any last wishes? Things she wanted to do?

It reminded her of another question, this one from a classmate at school. What kind of funeral would she want? Grace Elise hadn't thought about that. She honestly didn't care, funerals were for the living, to make them feel better, to give them closure. It wasn't about the deceased.

They were waiting on her to answer. Dr. O'Dale was going to submit an application so that her wish could be granted. Truthfully she just wanted to go home and listen to her music, to dance at her ballet barre, to sit around the fireplace with her family and to play catch with her papi.

"A new pair of pointe shoes, pink please."

"That's all? What about a vacation or to meet a famous sim?"

It she had more time she would want to be a famous sim, a world class ballerina dancing for others and receiving bouquets of flowers each night. Now she just wanted to enjoy the sunrise and swim in the ocean one last time. She really wanted to spend Christmas with them, baking cookies and eating her mom's llama ribs again. She knew that the odds were slim that she live that long, but it was nice to dream.

"Maybe we could visit the pier for a swim before it gets too cold? Would that be ok? We could have a picnic or even a bonfire? Is that ok?"

"That's more than ok, mija. That's more than ok."

Little Palila was a surprise for me. I had a feeling that they would have another girl and I expected yet another Anthony clone, but Palila is different, still a clone, but different skintone. I have to fix the skintone since it's using one of my new in-bewteen skintones and it doesn't line up as well as my old one.

I'm expecting Isabella to be an heartbreaker when she grows older, much like Laci, but her uncles and familia have questionable activities so we'll see how much she gets away with.

EDIT: Palila's name from here


  1. Yay, babies! But I'm not happy at all. So Grace really is dying? This is so sad. I think Zac and Jodi should come for a visit, without the kids. What do you think?

  2. Sniffle. Poor Grace Elise... I really feel terrible for her and her family, especially since one of my Nuidya families has also lost one of their teenage children... double sniffle. I know you haven't been looking forward to this, I certainly wouldn't be either. Expect a very tear-stained comment from me at the end of it all. Quadruple sniffle.

    On the upside, you do have two of the most adorable baby Sim girls I have ever seen and I love the name Palila. I don't know much about birds but it sure is fun to say.

    - VT

  3. Oh no. I just had a feeling this wouldn't end happily for Grace Elise and her family. :( She's so young and had so much ahead of her. So sad!

    For some reason, I was expecting both Krissy and Susie to have girls! I'm sure they'll be as sweet as their siblings are. I had to look up Palila - I'd never heard of that bird before.

  4. Riverdale, Zac and Jodi are welcome, I'm not sure if they'll make it before...well, before Grace Elise's time expires. Thanks for reading.

    VT, I linked the information about Palila to the post for you.

    Carla, your guess was right, well, both guesses were right actually, thanks for reading.

  5. Both of those babies came out to be so adorable! I'm a little sad that Susie and Anthony won't be having more kids, but I'm sure it is for the best!

    I'm so shocked about Grace Elise. I think I am the only one who was actually expecting her to get better. Brought a tear to my eye. :(

  6. How interesting that there are birth announcements here and something of a proclamation of death for someone just as young. It is very sad. I can't imagine what's going to happen to her family in the long run.

  7. City of Portmanteau, I think Anthony maybe a bit sad as well, but Susie is jumping for joy.

    Choco, I don't know how this family will cope. Grace Elise had been the only child for so long and now this, thanks for reading.

  8. Well we can skip the awful post of Vrace Elise dying and jump into the fluff ones. How sad! Ugh. I just have to skim parts about her dad, way too sad for the Mom.

    As forthe new babies, how sweet. I really wanted girls for these two especially Susie. Can't wait to see what they look like when they age up

  9. Maisie, Anthony and Susie got their other girl and Grace Elise's parents are really struggling with the news.


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