Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Half Naked, 2011

Hapar, spring, 2011
Benjamin Endeavor and Rashid Cunningham are 25, Verde Herendez is 24

It was one of Benjamin’s rare days off and he was determined to enjoy it before the evening arrived.

Ming had to work, but Regina, being a student, was free.

He liked Regina. She wasn’t his girlfriend, no woman was at the moment, but he enjoyed her company and even had a pleasant dream about proposing to her.

The scary part was that he wasn’t terrified of the idea of proposing to her. However, it was only short-lived. At the moment, Benjamin couldn’t see himself tied to one woman and he made sure that the “regulars” in his life understood that. Some, like Ming, appreciated it since they were cut from the same mold as him.

Others, like Regina, didn’t say much, but Benjamin took their silence as acceptance.


“If I ever get married,” Benjamin started. “You guys better not throw me some lame bachelor party like this.”

“This isn’t lame,” Verde said defending himself. “I like pizza and watching the fight.”

“Well that was the biggest waste of time and money. The fight was only three minutes long, our pizza took longer to arrive than it did for that guy to be knocked out.”

“I know, but hey, at least we have video games, right?”

“I’m over this, let’s go to a bar. I mean, a bar is still pretty lame, but it’s better than playing video games.”

Verde reluctantly agreed and found himself seated at the bar, next to Harriet.

“How’s your fiancĂ© doing?”

“Ugh,” she groaned. “I’m so over being engaged. I’m still not sure why I said yes. I can’t be tied down. Can you imagine me married? Ha! Marriage is for twits. What are you doing here anyway?”

“Uh…celebrating my bachelor party.”

Benjamin scooped the scene for any new chicks, but the same ones were there. That was one of the disadvantages of living in a small hood, not a lot of variety.


“Hey, Regina.”

“I thought you had a bachelor party tonight?”

“I do, this is it. Kind of lame, huh?”

“A bit,” she said giggling.

“Hmmm, how about we spice it up a bit.” He leaned closer to her ear, “I think there’s an empty corner somewhere in this building…”

Rashid was wondering how exactly Verde was beating him in pool. It didn’t make any sense.

He groaned as Verde sunk the winning ball and he reached into his pocket to toss a few simoleans his way.

“Rashid, what are you doing here?”

“Hey, Ty. I’m celebrating with Verde. He’s getting married soon and this is his bachelor’s party.”

“What? You mean no half naked hos shaking their goodies for your sweaty simoleans?”

Rashid laughed. “Nah, it’s a bit more low-key than that.”

Tyisha smiled as their song came on. The same song that they danced to in her living room that day he gave her their first kiss.

“Come on, let’s dance.”

Rashid shook his head, he was well aware of the song playing and he was also well aware of the fact that Tyisha was a lot different from the little girl so many simyears ago.

He was still just as comfortable around her as always, but he had a serious girlfriend now and she wasn't too fond of the amount of time that he was spending lately with Tyisha, nor the amount of time he spent playing his video games. She was beginning to sound a lot like his mother sometimes.

“What? She don’t let you dance either?”

“What?” Rashid wondered if he said his thoughts aloud.

“Your girl got you on lock down. I know you can’t play video games like you used to. You can’t even dance anymore?”

“I can dance," he replied. It had been a while since he danced since S'Ahmisa didn't like to dance and she was...rhythmically challenged as he liked to say.

“Prove it.”

By the time the guys arrived home, Rashid’s mind was all jumbled up. He was beginning to see more and more that Tyisha was right about S’Ahmisa. It seemed like he was changing for her and giving up what he enjoyed. He didn’t play video games as much unless it was for work and that was changing even more since his boss was training him to be a lead for the gaming projects. That meant less playing and more managing.

Not only was he not playing video games as much, but he also wasn’t dancing like he used to. S’Ahmisa had three left feet when it came to dancing and she preferred to sit out most of the time instead of move her body to the music. He had gone back to school based on her recommendation and he didn’t even like school that much. Now she was running for mayor and he had to "keep his nose clean" so that her opponents didn't have any extra ammunition for their smear campaign.  It reminded him of being boxed in when he was in Simmington Hills living with his family and being the firstborn son of a mayor. He hated having to conform and be molded to the expectations of others.

Either he was growing up…or Tyisha was right. S’Ahmisa was molding him into her little puppet.


  1. I can't believe these three are in their mid 20s already. That blows me away!

    LOL, I can definitely see why Benjamin and Ming are such a good pair. They're cut from the same cloth, those two!

    And hmmm, seems like Rashid is having doubts about S'Ahmisa. I think he might probably want to consider that Tyisha could have an ulterior motive here but a talk with S'Ahmisa wouldn't go astray either.

  2. I hope that Rashid can communicate these thoughts to S'Ahmisa clearly and hopefully come to a compromise. It might be hard since she's a mayoral candidate. I guess we'll have to see if she's willing to do some changing for him too.

  3. Carla, I can't believe that they're almost 30 as well. Benjamin and Ming are perfectly alike when it comes to such issues of the heart, however most of their lovers aren't. Tyisha might have ulterior motives, but she tends to just tell it like she sees it, thanks for reading.

    Choco, I hope he's able to communicate with her as well. You're right, it's time for S'Ahmisa to do a bit of changing as well, however with the campaign, I'm not sure she would be willing to.

  4. It always amazes me how willing people are to talk about relationship problems with everyone BUT the person they should be talking to. While Tyisha does have some valid points, instead of rehashing it with her over and over, Rashid needs to talk to S'Ahmisa. I don't know, I just see Tyisha as purposefully driving a wedge between them so she can step right in once things fall apart. Anywho, hopefully Rashid and S'Ahmisa can come to a compromise. If they do, it will be interesting to see what Tyisha's next move will be.

  5. Tyisha may be trying to break Rashid and S'Ahmisa up, but I agree that she does have a point. Having sort-of known S'Ahmisa since she was a teenager I think she has changed a lot as well, and maybe they both need to think about their relationship. If you want your partner to change for you, you don't really love them, just a perfected mental image of them.

    - VT

  6. Mizzgin, I find it interesting that everyone thinks that Tyisha wants Rashid for herself. Tyisha is very "occupied" at the moment, however Rashid's feelings haven't been so innocent.

    VT, exactly, a "perfected mental image of them" is what Tyisha, Rashid and S'Ahmisa are seeing of each other, thanks for reading.


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