Saturday, October 15, 2011

Popular Downloads

I like to see what you guys enjoy, so besides the lovely comments, I often consult my downloads and figure out which downloads are most popular.

Accordingly I discovered that most of you guys download my apartments much more than the other objects that I upload, but then again I upload twice as many lots as other things :)
  1. Most of you have downloaded the 25e Avenue Au Sud de BĂ©langer lot and in particular the residential version.
    This is very surprising to me as I don't consider it one of my better creations. But you guys can't seem to get enough of it, which is enough for me to take another stab at improving it, especially in terms of that blank open "party room" on the main level.
  2. Grayson Hill Brownstones is the next most downloaded item from this blog.

    They were originally inspired by Awesim's Historic Brownstones for TS3 and I love playing them in my hood and apparently you do as well
  3. Another personal favorite and one of yours as well are the 18th Street Apartments.

    These were modeled after those gritty apartments in big urban cities that sit on top of great community venues such as video stores, coffee shops and greasy diners. I'm still interesting in building a set of apartments above some "main street" community venues that would be right at home in your rural areas as well.
  4. The next most popular lot is the Apple Valley Academy which means that there are some hoods out there with a new school

    A bit bare box, but it serves its purpose in my hood and I hope in yours as well.
  5. Finally, LaPlace Street Rental HomesThis group of rental homes seems very popular and I've heard back from some fellow simmers how they've edited the homes to fit into their neighborhoods by adding small playgrounds and such. I love it when you adapt the lots to fit your needs.
That's it for now, we'll see what's popular as time goes on and if any of the top five get knocked out by the newer kids on the block.

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  1. Grayson Hill Brownstones is definitely my favourite, of these five. :D


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