Monday, October 24, 2011

New Poll: Promoting a non-playable NPC family

It's time for a new poll!

Which non-playable NPC family would you be interested in seeing made a playable?

The difference bewteen a non-playable NPC family and a playable family is that a playable family will get regular updates in the blog and a slot in the rotation schedule. So instead of learning about their lives via other updates about the other simmies in the hood, you would have focused updates on that family.

At the moment, this offer is for families so if you don't see your favorite non-playable single or couple below, that's why.

The winning family will be promoted and placed in the rotation schedule as well as receive a custom recolored family photo in honor of the event.

Frankson Family

Jasmine (Thorn) and Harris Frankson fell in love early on in high school and had son, Erricson, in the middle of their university careers. They managed to graduate and simyears later had sons Gerald and Albert. Jasmine is a teacher at Apple Valley Academy and Harris works with the SCIA. The family is currently hosting a foster child, Nicholas.

Smith Family

Cameron and Gavin (Young) met after her breakup from a long term relationship. Their courtship was brief and they married in a simple ceremony. The couple quickly added twins Owen and Maisie to their family as well as a large dog, Puggles. Cameron has two sons, Christopher and Craig, from a previous relationship with Tobi Sweeny. Cameron has returned to the journalism field and works as a Tabloid Writer and Gavin works as a Dive Master.

Thorn Family

Krissy and Alphonso (Pentragnani) met online and after simlonic months of being "just friends" they took their relationship to another level. They have a son Claudio and daughter, Isabella. Krissy is a secondary school teacher at Apple Valley Academy and Alphonso is an artist as well as the manager for the Herendez Art Gallery, however there are rumors circulating about his other possibly illegal activities.

Remember to vote in the sidebar for your choice.


  1. I would vote but there's no poll in the sidebar. :\

  2. I'm still not sure I understand how a family in your hood can be "non-playable"... maybe it's just that I have issues with sitting Sims on lots and ignoring them, but I still don't get it. Can you explain?

    (Oh yes, and please move my blog link to the "Non FSBS" section... I'm in the process of Jumping The Shark. Details are in my latest interruption post so I don't have to go OT with it here.)

  3. VT, non-playable sims are played, but I don't blog about them. Thanks for reading.


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