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Powers Were, 2010

Givar, winter, 2010
Anthony is 29, Susie is 24, Robin is 3, Starling is 1 and Palila is 3 simlonic months

Anthony had quickly fallen into a routine caring for his three daughters. He usually woke up early, allowing Susie to get some additional rest.

Robin and Starling were usually waiting in their crib, anxious to be fed.

By the time he fed them, Palila was awake and ready for her bottle and a little nap in her swing.

If Susie had to attend auditions or work, she would have left and given them all kisses by then. However, some simdays she didn't have auditions, or classes to teach or music videos to shot. Instead she would practice in her studio for a few hours,

working on the latest dance moves and preparing for her next audition.

Sha had also begun to reluctantly accept her powers. It was still strange for her, especially knowing that her husband had powers as well, but she felt more comfortable about it. After all, the world needed sims of all types to spin and that included ones that had strange powers. She would practice a bit, sometimes with Anthony who was far more advanced and didn't need such tools as caldrons and such. She had always wondered how he managed to seduce her into his world and he cautiously revealed his history.

It was true that he joined the naval fleet, but he had always left out the part where he was thrown overboard during a rough storm. He thought that he would die as the black water surrounded him and sucked him under. What he found instead was that he was able to breathe quite naturally and that three glowing blue beings surrounded him. What they shared with him was unbelievable and he refused to talk about it for simlonic months, but eventually accepted it. He was a direct descendent of the Sitnalta sims, an ancient civilization that left Simnation thousands of simyears ago to colonize a better suited planet. Occasionally members would return to Simnation and his grandmother was one such being.

Among Anthony's powers were mind reading, predictions and numerous spells. He avoided using his powers, though some simdays when Susie had to work and it was just Anthony with three little girls, he really wanted to summon an extra pair of hands.

The weather was abnormally warm so he allowed Robin and Starling outside in their tiny backyard to play.

He also invited their grandparents, Lyndon and Nicole, over for dinner.

They actually didn't stay too long,

only long enough to play with their granddaughters, sneak a homemade cherry pie in the fridge

and chat with their daughter over the cheese plate that Anthony attempted based on the recommendations of the owner at the farmer's market.

"Remember, we're here if you need anything."

"I remember."

After her parents left, Susie fed Palila while Anthony put the older girls to bed.

Finally they were able to eat a meal together

and even though it was short and they were both falling asleep during it, Anthony felt that it was well worth the effort to ensure a little quality time with his wife.


  1. Interesting... so Anthony is descended from an ancient Sim civilisation? Because I play more unusual hoods myself (the Nuidya are the only exception to my No Human-Looking Sims and No Earthlike Settings rules, since the hood predates my Code) I have always loved this couple, and this update sort of clears up a little of the mystery surrounding Anthony's powers, but adds more of it at the same time... if that makes sense.

    - VT

  2. Hmmm, all these powers of Anthony's are certainly interesting, especially now that he has got Susie into them as well. I wonder if any of the girls have inherited anything like that from their dad. Because that could make things quite interesting for their parents!

  3. VT, yes, Anthony's ancestors have been around for times before times, there's a hint in the actual name of the civilization about Anthony's origins.

    Carla, Anthony is a very talented and magical sim. Susie has always ran away from her powers and talents for fear of repeating her ancestors' mistakes, but Anthony makes her feel more comfortable with them. I can assure you that at least one of their daughters has inherited powers.

  4. Very interesting, especially since at least one of the girls has the powers too. How do you know that they do? I've never done anything with magic, is it something the game decides or do you have a process to decide?

    This is a hectic family, but Anthony works hard to make it flow smoothly enough.

  5. Maisie, the daughter(s) that have powers will likely share other traits with Anthony and Susie, but given that both parents have powers, their children more than likely inherited powers as well.

  6. It's nice to learn something about Anthony's past. That must be a lot to deal with. I can't wait to see how this whole family develops as everyone gets older and becomes more in touch with their supernatural abilities.

    Anthony makes the whole process look a bit easy.

  7. Choco, this family should be interesting to say the least. I'm not sure how much they'll use their powers though, thanks for reading.


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