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Steal Quite a Few, 2010

Resar, fall, 2010
Tyisha Masters is a sophomore, Rojo Herendez and Si'Enya Warwick are freshmen
Optional soundtrack: Living A Lie-The Dream and Rihanna

Si'Enya's freshman year had finally started and it was a bit of a strange world. The dorm was so noisy and crowded and students studying, or dancing or chatting. It was a lot different than bedroom at home. Sometimes she wished she were at home in her bed, curled up with R2D2.

She was lucky enough to have Rosemarie as her roommate, it had been a few simyears since they were able to hang out and it was nice to see a familiar friendly face on campus...besides Rojo.

Si'Enya and Rosemarie were both majoring in the sciences,

so they spent a lot of time at the school of science. Sometimes they would be so engrossed in their studies such as the feeding habits of koi, that they wouldn't notice what was going on around them, like the time they were caught in the middle of a rainstorm.

Rosemarie was majoring in biology and had plans to become a teacher and was interning at the local school. Si'Enya wondered why she was even majoring in biology since Rosemarie seemed more comfortable in the simlish classes, writing long vague poems about air and blood and thin lines etched in the twork, whatever a twork was.

Si'Enya hadn't chosen a major yet and was taking general science classes. She still wasn't sure what she wanted to do once she graduated and was scared that she would make the wrong choice.

Thankfully she had plenty of time to decide until least that's what her parents said.

The two friends also spent a lot of time in the culinary cafe.

Si'Enya's crush on Erricson had nothing to do with it, especially since she had moved on to other things.

She was dating Trevor now, well, they couldn't really call it dating, at least not to anyone yet. They were keeping things quiet...very quiet.

Trevor's career was at it's peak, he was touring almost constantly with Aerial Bionic and they had even won a few awards for their latest album. Now it seemed like every sim in the nation wanted a piece of the guys. They were on the covers of the biggest magazines and their faces seemed to sell everything from cologne to toothpaste.

The few times that Trevor was in the hood, they would meet each other as friends at the campus and then head out for dinner.

It was great to be able to see him again face to face, as daily phone calls sometimes were not enough to fulfill their need to be with each other. The distance forced them to take things slowly in exploring their relationship. It didn't seem that different, they still spent hours talking about bugs or what they found while digging in the dirt. Si'Enya's joy of teasing the fishes had returned and wished that she had a small fish tank for her dorm room, but the university frowned upon pets in the dorm.

When they were out in public they had to make sure that they appeared strictly platonic, since they didn't know if the paparazzi were nearby to snap a photo of Trevor. A photo of Trevor romancing a woman ten simyears his junior would be sure to cause repercussions for his career and would be just the scandal to feed the appetites of the greedy paparazzi and those sims that fed on the pain and humiliation of others.

There was also S'Ahmisa's campaign to think of and Si'Enya didn't want to do anything to mar her sister's reputation as she campaigned for the position of mayor. Some of the other candidates were ruthless. They had already brought up the issue that S'Ahmisa was conceived before her parents got married, which Si'Enya thought was a silly issue to bring up since it was over twenty simyears ago. Apparently they were willing to use any and everything against S'Ahmisa in their quest for the mayor's position.

It was hard maintaining the appearance as friends in public and they slipped a few times, holding hands once or twice, or sharing food. Every time Si'Enya thought that a sim would burst from the bushes and scream "Ah ha! Gotcha!" and run off waving photos in the air.

Thankfully they were able to steal quite a few kisses in private during Trevor's short visits.

So whenever Rosemarie tried to get Si'Enya to talk about her love life, she simply lied and said she had none or changed the subject back to Rosemarie and Henry.

It was pretty easy to do since the entire dorm knew that Henry had a big crush on Rosemarie.

Apparently he finally got enough courage to ask her out, in the rain no less.

The way she described it was nothing short of romantic.

Now they were the latest couple in the dorm and Rosemarie was in love. Apparently Henry and Rosemarie had already had the talk and not only were they exclusive, but they considered marriage very much a part of their future. Si'Enya thought it was a little fast, but then again, maybe she was jealous of them. Even though she wanted to get theory, the thought of marriage scared her. She didn't know if she had what it took to maintain a successful marriage, or if a sim would be interested in marrying her. She never discussed those feelings with Trevor. He was a rock star, what future was there with him. She still enjoyed his friendship and his kisses, but she always wondered if he would find someone better while on tour promoting the new album.

She was surrounded by couples it seemed. There was Rojo and his wandering eye and hand. Apparently he had set his sights on Tyisha, who was a full year ahead of them.

The pair would often spend hours in his room, talking and laughing and flirting.

They both denied anything more than kissing,

but most of the dormies didn't believed them.

Rojo was often seen pursuing other women

often not successfully,

and Tyisha was also known to have a few other men up her sleeve.

Which, according to her, was the only way to live life. Though, mind you, she wasn't a ho, not at all. She didn't go around tossing her goodies to just any sim that took her to the movies. She was picky and only entertained sims that she was truly interested in...and who just happened to have a large bank account. It wasn't her fault that the last two sims she decided to mess with also happened to be very well off in the financial department. It wasn't like she screened them beforehand and asked for bank statements and tax returns.

Besides, things were so busy and Tyisha was barely at the dorm now. Since changing her major to fashion design, she managed to land a job with A.Pentragnani. It not only helped her with her future career and making contacts, but provided additional funding for school. She had a small scholarship thanks to the company to help with tuition and the internship helped to cover most of the gap, but she still had to draw on her savings to pay the complete bill.

She wasn't sure if she would have to get a loan eventually, or maybe even find a second job working in the cafeteria or waiting tables, but she would consider her options once she had to.

Right now she was mostly a stylist in the small boutique,

helping brides chose their gowns, but one day

hopefully soon, she would be able to start designing gowns of her own,

until then she just paid her dues on the floor.


  1. Oh man, that must be so hard for Trevor and Si'Enya, to have to conceal their feelings in public. Maybe after S'Ahmisa's campaign they can come clean? Si'Enya is legal now, after all and it actually doesn't seem too strange for a rock star to be dating someone 10 years his junior!

    Tyisha is a busy girl, in more ways than one! And I see Rojo's not wasting any time scoping out the female population on campus. ;)

  2. Carla, I hope after the campaign they come clean, but even then, Trevor's a very private man. His fans don't even know that he loves bugs and nature. I doubt that he would want them to know about his girlfriend. Thanks for reading.

  3. I wonder how long Trevor and Si'Enya can keep the secrecy up. That's a lot of strain to put on a new relationship.

    Henry and Rosemarie made me laugh with how quick they fell into everything. It went from a crush to talks of marriage, they certainly don't waste any time.

  4. I wonder howthings will progress with Trevor and his career and secret romance. I hope things with Rosemarie and Henry goes well, they really rushed into that one, but sometimes thats just how things go. Nice seeing Tyesha, she's always interesting to see.

  5. Heredon Cove, Trevor and Si'Enya are both very private, the hardest part is not being able to share with their family members, thanks for reading.

    Maisie, Rosemarie and Henry did move fast. I think they're three bolts and once they found each other again in university, things took off quickly. I adore them though :)

  6. So many cute couples! I'm glad Tyisha is moving on from Rashid and exploring her options with other guys instead.

  7. Em, Tyisha is a man eater, she's much fun to play! Thanks for reading.


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