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Glitter in my Bra, 2010

Givar, winter, 2010
S'Ahmisa Warwick and Lainey Lorde are 23, Ming Wuu is 24, Krissy Thorn is 26, Tyisha Masters is 19
Optional soundtrack: Last Friday Night (TGIF)-Katy Perry

"Let me see it again," S'Ahmisa asked grabbing Lainey's hands to stare at the new ring.

"I don't understand what the big deal is," Ming said stirring the dinner. "It's a piece of metal and compressed carbon."

"She's getting married!"

"I remember, I have to shell out simoleans for another expensive dress that I'll only wear once." Ming answered, before glancing at Lainey's face. "But I'm so happy to be shelling out the cash to support you in your big day."

"Thanks for your support, Ming." Lainey teased.

"Thanks for keeping on underwear while cooking," S'Ahmisa added as they sat down to eat.

"You're welcome, you know how hard it is to cook with clothes on. Ugh, I don't see how you guys do it."

"I'm glad that you managed for us this time."


"What do you think?" S'Ahmisa asked giving the living room the once over.

"Looks great."

"Are you sure? Do you think we need more drinks? Maybe I should have gotten a cake."

"No one has cake for their bachelorette party, all you need is booze and naked dancing men."

"Lainey doesn't want naked dancing men."

"What?!?" Ming asked, "oh gosh, I hope there's plenty of booze. I do not want to spend the evening playing board games and female bonding. I was looking forward to getting slightly south of tipsy and having a man shake his sweaty goodies in my face as I stuff simoleans down his thinly strapped undergarments."

"Maybe next time."

"Open this one next," Krissy said passing Lainey another wrapped gift.

"I wonder what it is," Lainey giggled taking the tissue paper off.

"I hope it requires batteries," Ming offered, while reaching for another stuffed olive.


"What? So far you guys have given her these slips of lacey what-nots. She's getting married, not becoming a cartoon princess. Where are the kinky dice, the glow in the dark handcuffs and the edible body paint. Lainey, thank goodness you have me at this party, otherwise you wouldn't get anything good."

Lainey's mouth dropped.

"Don't worry," Krissy offered. "She got me a leather whip and thigh high heeled boots in addition to three flavors of massage oils."

"Did you use them?"

"Let's just say that they may or may not have hard a part in the conception of my daughter." Krissy offered as the group laughed.
"Listen, I hope we're not going to be in the apartment all night. It's still early, let's go party." Ming said standing up.

Moments later the group found themselves huddled around a table in the crowded dance club.

"Is the bartender dancing?"

The women snuck a glance at the awkward woman.

"I think so, gosh, so that's what happens when there are no drinks to sell."

"Come on, this is my favorite song, let's dance!"

S'Ahmisa needed a break and another drink before she could return to the dance floor.

"Oh, hi Tyisha," she said when she noticed the young woman standing at the bar.

Tyisha raked her eyes over her, making her skin prickle. "Why are you so mean?"

"Excuse me?" S'Ahmisa asked, shocked that Tyisha was accusing her of being mean.

"Why are you so mean to Rashid?"

"I'm-I'm not mean. Did he say that?"

"Why can't you just let him be himself. You're trying to make him something he's not just so that he can fit into your happy perfect little plan for your life. He's a sim, not some computer animated character you can control."

"What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about. You have to make sure all your friends and family members fit into these neat little defined roles to support your career, or heaven forbid that you realize that they are real and actually have feelings and opinions."


"Don't believe me? Just take a look around you, a good look. You'll see that you have everyone pretending to be something that they're not just to please you. I think it's pathetic that you can't love him for who he truly is and that you want to mold and shape him into a man that he's not."

S'Ahmisa watched as the woman turned and stalked off towards the dance floor. "Can you make it a double?"



"My head hurts,"

"My butt hurts,"

"What time is it?"

"Why do I have glitter in my bra?"

"At least you still have your bra."

"Who's phone number is on my boobs?"

"I have a feeling that we had way too much fun last night."

"We need chinese food and strong coffee," Ming said groaning as she crawled to her knees. "And lot of trash cans and paper bags to vomit in."


"Much better, nothing like greasy food and coffee to cure a hang-over."

"Um, I found lipstick prints on my butt."

"Yea...I vaguely remember there being some sort of contest at the club."

"That was before we were kicked out?"

"What about that phone number on your boobs? You going to call it?"

"I might," Ming said smiling. "Hopefully it's the number for a Greek prince who will give me a blank check to go shopping with."

"Or better," Krissy added. "It could be the number of that guy who was staring at you all night."

"The one with teeth or the one without?"


  1. What a fun update! Loved all the ladies sprawled in the living room and the lipstick marks. Funny. And Ming! Shes a wild one! Need one of those for each bachelorette party. I wonder what will happen now that Tyeisha has spoken up.

  2. I was laughing out loud through the entire update. Gotta love Ming. And Tyisha's line about Rashid being "a sim, not a computer animated character you can control" nearly had me falling ogff my swivel chair. :)

    - VT

  3. Well, a party isn't a party without a hangover at the end. Ming is quite a hoot, isn't she? I guess every group of friends needs a wild child. Makes things more interesting.

    Luckily, there wasn't any fighting between S'Ahmisa and Tyeisha because of the alcohol. I hope this doesn't build up into anything volatile.

  4. Maisie, Ming is a wild child and so carefree. The group had way too much fun that night, thanks for reading.

    VT, glad you enjoyed the update, it was fun to play and write as well.

    Choco, Tyisha has a big bark, but she isn't about to get into a fight, she's too cute for fighting :P thanks for reading.

  5. LOL, poor Lainey looks a bit uncomfortable with Ming's boobs staring her in the face! Ming is a riot! The morning after the night before was possibly even more fun to read than the actual bachelorette party. Coffee and greasy food were definitely in order.

    I'm not surprised Tyisha confronted S'Ahmisa, though I still think she might be being a little harsh. People grow up and they're not always forced into it by girlfriends.

  6. Carla, the hangover part was the most fun to write as well. Tyisha doesn't say anything sweetly, she has quite the mouth on her, always had since she was a teen in Simmington Hills. Thanks for reading.

  7. I LOVE Ming! She is my type of girl, she should be at every party. LOL

    Tyisha doesn't pull any punches huh? That was intense. I wonder how S'Ahmisa is going to react when she really gets time to think about it.

  8. Herendon Cove, Tyisha follows the "go big or go home" school of thought :) When S'Ahmisa really has time to evaluate and think...it won't be pretty :(

  9. Nice strategic pictures of Ming preparing dinner. ;)

    LOL What a wild night! I'm wondering what S'Ahmisa is going to think about Tyisha's comments too when she has time to think about it. They seem kind of out there to me. But it will be interesting to see what affect, if any, her words will have.

  10. Em, Ming does not like clothing so I had to play that in :) Tyisha has a point, Rashid is very different than what he was in Simmington Hills so once S'Ahmisa really has a chance to think about things, it might be a bit different. Thanks for reading.

  11. I wanted to read the whole thing from the beginning in order to get to know all the characters, but you _have_ been busy for a long, long time. :D I decided to read backwards instead of forwards. Surprisingly enough that works well! :) I love the way you arrange all your pictures and decorate their homes. This was a really fun and interesting post that flows smoothly in a high pace. The comment about Rashid being "a sim, not a computer animated character" had me laughing out loud.

  12. Nonikk63, wow, I admire you trying to start from the beginning. In the sidebar, there's a welcome page, it can give you more information about reading the blog if you want. Reading backwards is a good way to do it as well. I love decorating their homes to match their personalities, thanks for reading.


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