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When the Bell Rings, 2011

Hapar, spring, 2011
Principal: Ilila Peterson; Secondary Teacher: Simlish & History: Jesse Kent; Secondary Teacher: Math & Science: Krissy Thorn

Secondary Students: Elphy Mendenhall is in the 12th grade; Myra Shazad, Naraj Shazad,  Bryant Grey, and Annie Grey are in 10th grade; Rex Mendenhall, Abel Wilsonoff, Amanda Wilsonoff and Serendipity Herendez are in 9th grade; Ashlee Dawson, Veronika Kent and Laci McMillian are in the 8th grade; Aaron Sweeny and Simora Sweeny are in the 7th grade

Ilila surveyed the halls keeping an eye out for the students. The hood council wanted to start tracking the student's progress to ensure that they were learning. That meant that there would be more of a focus on testing.

She tried to keep her thoughts on her job, but her mind was on other things. The twins were older now and she and Brandon were discussing attempting fertility treatments again to add to their family.  They both wanted one more child, but the thought of multiples again scared them a bit.

As she passed the library, she saw a group of students were studying to strengthen their weaknesses in the skill exams.

Jesse was leading a group in the music room

and there were groups of students in the gym and outdoors.

Amanda was trying not to say anything stupid, especially since Naraj had agreed to play basketball with her even though he preferred to be indoors.

That had to mean that he liked her as more than a friend...right? He had shared how he wanted to apply to Pierce University, University of Crystal Creek or either Meade College in a few simyears. He was leaning more towards Pierce University because he would get excellant pre-med training, but he worried if the medical school would accept him since he attended undergraduate there.

Amanda was thinking about university as well, not as much as Naraj since he was a whole simyear older than her. She was just trying to think about what she would like to major in. She would like to go to a university in a larger hood, maybe the University of Rockport or University of Riverdale or even the Suffolk University, even though no one had heard of that university accepting foreign students. The first thing she had to do though was think about what she wanted to major in...and if Naraj liked her as more than a friend.

Naraj's thoughts were scattered. He kept seeing Annie's face and wondering what it was like to kiss her and make her blush, but then he would look at Amanda's green eyes and wonder what it was like to kiss her as well. He knew enough about women that he kept his mouth shut. They were his friends and he didn't want to mess that up.

Soon the big day had arrived and all the secondary students were ready to take the core skill exams.

This year, Ilila decided to administer the exam to all secondary students and not just those in 10th grade and above.

She hoped that the younger students could use the opportunity to practice for their official CSE and it would provide a benchmark for their improvement.

When the results were back, Ilila was shocked. She knew that the students were bright, but not like this.

SimNation's graduation requirements were that students make a minimum of 13 on their CSE and the students exploded through that requirement easily since the lowest score was a 17.

Ilila knew that the excitement would be short lived since there was talk that the requirements for Pierce University would increase from a minimum of 13 to a minimum of 21 on the CSE with at least a 1 in each subscore.

Thankfully she would be encouraging students to look beyond the boundaries of Apple Valley for their university education. It had been a long time since a sim left for university reasons, in fact Harvis MacAstral was the last student and that was simyears ago. There were far too many excellent options for education for students to be limited to what Apple Valley could offer.

The other surprise was young Veronika Kent's score. She knew that the girl was smart, but with a 37 on her CSE and she was only in 8th grade made Ilila worry if the school could provide enough challenge for her.

She again brought up the topic of early entrance to university to her parents. She knew that Fiona wasn't comfortable with the idea, but she hoped that they would at least consider allowing Veronika to take college courses during the summer or continued enrichment after school.


Veronika looked over the room one last time. She was the head of the decorating committee for the spring dance and she wanted everything to be perfect.

Later that evening, everything was perfect as the teens crowded into the ballroom.

There was a DJ and plenty of food

and it seemed like everyone had splurged on a new dress for the dance.

"They have been staring at us all night, I wonder when they'll come over and say something." Laci whispered to her cousin as they snuck glances at the two boys.

Perhaps it was seeing the girls whisper, but suddenly the two boys, Derek and Rex, approached the two ladies.

Rex quickly convinced Veronika to sit down and share something to eat while chatting about the dance

and Derek did the same with Laci on the other side of the room.

Laci was interested in Derek, but probably not as much as he was in her.

Amanda turned from her cousin Ashlee kissing Bryant. She didn't understand why he would be kissing her especially since they were so many simyears apart.

She went off to find Naraj and found him in a deep conversation with Annie. She sighed since it seemed like they were always talking. It used to be the three of them talking, but lately their threesome had morphed into a twosome.

She sighed and found a plate of food and an empty chair. She hated that he didn't like her and she hated that she liked him.

Couples were wrapped up in each other's arms

and friends were busy laughing

and dancing

and enjoying themselves.

Annie and Naraj had managed to find the hot tub and relax for a bit away from the dance.

Perhaps they took the relaxing a bit too far as they cuddled

and kissed in the steamy water.

When Annie whispered in Naraj's ear if he wanted to woohoo her, he didn't say no of course.

It was clumsy and awkward, but it was his first time and he was sure to remember it.

"So are we together now?" He asked afterwards.

"You mean like going steady?"

"Yea, are you my girlfriend?"

"Um, if you want, sure."

Naraj guessed that he should want, after all, you didn't have your first woohoo in a hot tub at the formal dance with your best buddy right?

"I would like for us to go steady."

"Ok, sure." Annie said smiling. "Oh, look. They refreshed the buffet table, I'm starving!"

Annie and Naraj-blame ACR. I was looking for them and noticed that they had hopped in the hot tub. I thought they would woohoo, but they spent so long talking in the hot tub that I thought that maybe they were there as friends. Not so. Immediately afterwards Naraj rolled the want to go steady with Annie and to dance with Amanda and to talk to Amanda. Annie on the other hand rolled the want to win a dance contest.

Universities-if you are interested in your hood hosting some AV students for their university years, just leave a note in the comments. I'll add your university to the list of affliate universities


  1. Wow, now that's a first that hasn't happened with any of my high school sims, woohoo at a dance. LOL Hopefully they won't have any long lasting reminders for their few moments of enjoyment. And of course, you don't need to ask me to include my uni. you're very welcome to add UoR to your list!

  2. Well, it looks like I'm already on the list, so I'm good!

    P.S. I'm flirting with the idea of having a boarding school in either the LC or Rockport, just for students like Veronika. Sarai Richward is a gifted child, like Veronika; I think her CSE is about the same.

    I was thinking of creating a magnet school for her to attend; she wouldn't be included in the school updates and in her household she would attend private school. Now I'm wondering if I should create a managed boarding school. It would be done just like university, except for high school.

    Let me think about it some more.

  3. Ah yes, ACR strikes again. I have just upgraded to the version you use in AV (yes, only just now!) and now I'm in "kid with a new toy" mode... :) Annie and Naraj really surprised me there. Even the Nuidya would probably draw the line at woohoo in a hot tub at a formal dance... if they had hot tubs, or formal anything.

    As for university, I'm considering starting a new FSBS hood so I don't miss out on all that once the Nuidya make their Big Switch. So I will probably set up a university there - although, this being a VTOS (VT Original Setting) it won't be a standard modern SimNation hood either. Any students willing to spend their university years somewhere very Not SimNation would be welcome to apply, though.

    - VT

  4. Oh my gosh, so much happening in this post!

    Naraj certainly does have a lot on his mind, with all of his university decisions to be made!

    And wow, I can't remember exactly how you calculate the CSE score but Veronika must be crazy smart!

    Aw, I feel so sad for Amanda, even though I think Naraj likes her more than she thinks he does. I wonder if this thing with Annie will last, now that they've taken that big step.

    BTW, and Naraj heard right - Suffolk University doesn't accept foreign students. ;) I have enough of my own Sims to keep up with without adding anyone else's, LOL!

  5. Riverdale, I can't believe my teens have done something your teens haven't, your teens are pretty out there!

    Laurel Crossing, your magnet school sounds wonderful, I can't wait to hear more about it once you flesh out the details, thanks for reading.

    VT, welcome to the world of ACR! Naraj and Annie were very much a surprise. I didn't expect that from them at all!

    Carla, the CSE exam is the total number of skills they have, so Veronika is very smart. Naraj and, she's not rolling wants for him, and he wants both her and Amanda, I'm nt sure where that triangle is going, thanks for reading.

  6. Wow, how funny we had updates about school dances on the same day. What a coincidence! lol I was totally expecting a pair of my students to take that next step, but surprisingly they didn't. I didn't have a hot tub on my lot, but I did have a sofa in the back. It will be interesting how this love triangle plays out and what the consequences will be. Annie's wants don't sound very promising for a possible relationship. lol

    It sounds like the school and your students are doing really well! Especially Veronika. Wow! You can add New Eden University to the list that accepts students. I've been thinking about sending at least one of my students out of the hood for college, if you or anyone else wants to take them.

  7. Em, thanks, I'll definately add New Eden University to the list. It doesn't sound like Annie is too keen on Naraj as a romantic partner either.

  8. Yea, I was thinking that about Annie too. There was a bit of hesitation there, yea? But I don't know how she would feel if he started up something with Amanda either. It's a tough love triangle, that's for sure! LBU and BTU definitely have room for students, but with my sporadic play schedule as of late, I think I may need to wait a bit before committing to accepting other sims. If I get them, I want to be able to have them graduate in an appropriate amount of time, ya know? But I can definitely see it as a possibility in the future :)

  9. Mizzgin, thanks for the offer, I will add you to the list. I could see Susie and Anthony's kids fitting into your neighborhood with its elves and aliens.


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