Friday, September 30, 2011

Almost A Typical Family, 2010

Havar, fall, 2010
Tobi is 38; Aaron and Simora are 11; Matt is 7 (Li Yoo is 38)

They actually have had dates now.

Nothing epic of course, just meeting in the park for a few hours and talking and kissing.

Sometimes they went out for a hot dog and a couple of photos in the photo booth like they used to.

The children didn't know of course, they decided that it was too soon and their feelings still too murky to allow their children to have access to that kind of knowledge. However, they were older and they probably had a clue.

They had a family outing, something simple, just a day at the park.

The children enjoyed running around and playing with each other and their parents.

Tobi wondered what he would do with teenagers as Aaron and Simora were on the cusp of teenhood. He couldn't believe that his children were that old.

Li had already made sure that Simora was prepared for the changes expected to occur in her body.

She had been sharing those details with her for years, so it was nothing new.

The outing ended with a simple dinner of hot dogs and gyros

as well as a few video games. It was almost like they were almost a typical family again...almost.

It was Tobi's idea to go to couple's counseling.

Li didn't understand since they were not a couple, but she agreed because

even she had to admit that she still had feelings for her ex-husband that sometimes went beyond a good woohoo.

They didn't want the children to know at first, especially if things wouldn't work out.

However, they had attended a few sessions and were rethinking telling the children. Before they could share the news, Li got some very exciting news of her own. News that she had been waiting for for simyears. She was leaving Apple Valley for an extended assignment!

These two drive me insane. They want to date, then after they date, they don't have wants for each other, besides woohoo of course. Tobi had the want to learn couple's counseling, so I took it as him wanting to be a bit more serious about their relationship and get counseling.

Li Yoo is now a non-playable sim, she will of course have appearances in the Sweeny updates, but no longer have her own seperate updates. Also, according to the poll, Li is going on an extended assignment. Right now, her assignments include Riverdale, Rocky Cove, and Kulo Seeri. If you want Li to visit your hood as well, just leave a comment.

EDITED: Li's first visit to Kulo Seeri


  1. Hmmm, I'm curious to see how this works out for them. How will Tobi's feelings change, if at all, once Li goes to another hood?

    I also hope that when they do tell the kids, they make sure that being together is what they want this time!

  2. Well, it seems as though they're just comfortable with each other without having to get a relationship involved to further complicate things.

    This just reads sticky & complicated all over it.

  3. It certainly does complicate things, doesn't it?

    I'm starting to wonder if today was the right time to get my post on her visit to Kulo Seeri up. That just complicates things more... but hey, all these goings-on make things more interesting, right?

    - VT

  4. Carla, I'm not sure how Tobi will feel now that Li has left the hood. Absence does not tend to make his heart grow fonder.

    Choco, you're right, and that would be fine...if they didn't have so many children together, thanks for reading.

    VT, I think the timing is perfect, I'll link the post.

  5. Oh dear. Getting back together with your ex, especially when the relationship is purely physical, is never good. Tobi and Li don't work as a couple, that's why they got a divorce, so they should end this fling right now before they hurt their kids.

    I can't wait to have Li in Rocky Cove! I think time apart will be good for them..

  6. Coolkat, I can't wait to see how Li is in Rocky Cove and if she choses to stay or not.

  7. I feel bad if the kids did suspect with Li leaving for that extended assignment. I believe you said youd pop her in for visits time to time so there's that at least. Tobi needs to just stay single a while. He never knows what he wants.

  8. Maisie, Li would visit for important occasions if she decides to move to another hood. I don't see her missing out on their graduations and such, thanks for reading.

  9. These two confuse me with their back and forths so I have no clue how you keep it all straight. Will Tobi still want to be with Li and vice versa after her assignment?

  10. Heredon Cove, LOL! Those two can't make up their mind. It must be the woohoo and since it must be the woohoo, then if Li were to return to Apple Valley after her assignment, then I could see them resuming their back and forthness.


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