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Mixed It Slowly, 2010

Patar, summer, 2010
Jesse is 44, Fiona is 41, Veronika is 12, Jessica and Jennifer are 7, Jeremy is 5

She was giddy during the entire flight, anxious to reach the city and start exploring and start painting.  She wasn't at all nervous when they left that morning. Why should she be? It wasn't her first plane ride, nor her first trip. But for some reason her mother seemed nervous. She would look at her with a sad look and whisper "my baby". Sometimes Veronika did not understand her parents.

"Once you're done taking photos, do you want to get an authentic croissant?" Fiona asked her daughter as the young girl crouched closer to get the perfect picture.

"Yes, please."

"Are you excited about your course?"

Veronika nodded. "I can't wait. It's going to be hard work, but I'm excited."

"I'm excited for you as well. I can't believe my baby is studying art in Deux-Sèvres of all places."


"I'm so proud of you, can't a mother be proud of her daughter?"

Veronika grinned, "yea, I guess so."

To Veronika time seemed to stand still. She spent most of her hours in class, working under master artists whose talents were renowned across SimNation.

She would then return home in the evenings and work on her various projects.

She would stay there until her mother came to get her for dinner.

Most times they ate out.

Each time they would order something different,

tasting and exploring the city through their taste buds.

Over dinner they would discuss Veronika's day and her progress

or sometimes just chat about life in general.

Other days, Fiona would study the cookbook and then after class they would head to the market with their shopping list.

They would linger over the booths and the wooden tables, touching the producing and accepting samples from the farmers.

They would examine their list and the strange signs in a foreign language, hoping that they were actually purchasing the right raw llama milk cheese, or if they should splurge on the golden fig tarts or apricot truffles for dessert.

Back in their small rented apartment, Fiona would work at recreating the recipe while Veronika returned to her canvas.

She would watch her daughter from the window as she sliced the food and mixed it slowly. Taking her time not to make a mistake since she wasn't known for her cooking.

Those were the meals that Fiona enjoyed the best.

Sometimes the food didn't come out looking or tasting like the recipe and they would toss the remains in the trash and eat chocolates for dinner instead.

Other evenings, everything was perfect and they would eat silently for a few moments, enjoying the flavors as they danced across their tongue.

Weekends were free, and Veronika and Fiona would visit the shops,

looking for souvenirs to take home to their family,

or tasting the local espresso which after a few tries Veronika still declared that espresso tasted like mud.

Now she was better at ordering her cup. Plain espresso, lots of milk, lots of sugar and a bit of honey.

Fiona would tease and say that she was drinking espresso flavored milk,

but Veronika knew this was the only way she could sip from the delicate cup and not gag.

"Is the beautiful girl in the mirror ready to go home?"

"She is," Veronika answered. "But I'm not. I wish I could stay longer."

"I know, maybe we can come back a family and see your art displayed in the museum."

"That would be nice."
Besides the trip to Deux-Sèvres the Kents did enjoy their summer


  1. I really enjoyed this post! I love the idea of taking a trip somewhere for study/skillbuilding/etc. I also really liked the architecture in this post. Especially in that 9th picture!

  2. What a fantastic opportunity for Veronica, to study art in Deux-Sèvres! It was nice that they could combine it with some mother-daughter bonding as well.

  3. city of portmanteaux, thank you. The lot is a work-in-progress vacation lot. It is giving me so much trouble and seems like it's neverending :P

    Carla, Veronika is scary smart, in a way she reminds me of S'Ahmisa, but she is much more intelligent than S'Ahmisa and her passion at the moment is art not politics, which probably breaks her mother's (and grandmother's) heart.

  4. This was a cool post! Looks like both Fiona and Veronika had a great time; learning new things and enjoying some mother-daughter bonding time. And what a fantastic opportunity for Veronika! She really is quite the kid...:)

  5. What a great idea! I'm always so impressed with Veronika! Such an accomplished young girl! I'm glad everyone enjoyed their summer vacation, maybe they'll all be ready once the school year starts :)

  6. Coolkat, I'm glad Fiona got some time in with her daughter. She hasn't always been around for those sorts of things and stepping down from the hood council has really helped her and the family.

    Mizzgin, thanks! I have been working on that vacation lot for her trip for ages. It's still not finished, but I'm glad she got to study abroad for the summer.

  7. For a work in progress, that vacation lot is looking good! I seriously doubt I could do that myself. Fiona and Veronika really seemed to be enjoying their trip to Deux-Sèvres together. It's great that Fiona has more time for her family now she's stepped down.

    (Post on Li's visit coming ASAP, by the way. I haven't had much time to get online lately. Er, by the way, just hypothetically, if a Sim visiting from another hood, a member of the family she was staying with and ACR all ended up in the bedroom at once, and next thing the Simmer knew, there was kinda sorta a baby... what should that Simmer do? Just hypothetically.)

    - VT

  8. VT, Thanks, Fiona is taking advantage of the extra time and building her practice as well. LOL! Sounds like what happened to Suzanna (Carr) McMillian. I'd say do what ever that sim tells you to do with the sorta baby :P Can't wait to see what Li has gotten herself into.

  9. Is this your Paris lot based on Las Vegas (I believe it was) that you shared pics of at N99, cause I LOVE these shots! And I remember loving that lot. Everything was really great here, I'm so glad that Fiona and Veronika got to enjoy this trip together, and I lol'd at Veronika's eyes and "Mooommmm" haha. Such a cute girl. I love that she got to do this studying abroad for the summer, it all looked really sweet, and I loved their little apartment.

  10. Maisie, it is the Paris lot based on the Paris in Las Vegas and I'm still not finished with it, can you believe that!?! That little apartment is also on that lot and functions as a hotel room. Thanks for reading.


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