Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hood Council Meeting: 2010

Hood Council Meeting 2010

Present: S'Ahmisa Warwick, Bradford McMillian, Ginger Grey, Ilila Peterson, Brandon Peterson, Cameron Smith. Suzanna McMillian

Absent: none
Tax Collection Report
New Housing Area
Mayoral Campaign

S'Ahmisa Warwick called the meeting to order. "I'm sure many of you have noticed the change in the conference room. The old square table was much too large for the room, so I donated a table for the conference room. That said, let's start with the tax collection report."

Bradford passed out the report detailing the totals for the 2010 revenue. "I changed the format of the report. You'll notice that there is no longer a breakdown of each family's tax fee and I added the estimated amount for each fund using this year's revenues. This only reflects the revenues for this year and does not include any surplus simoleans left in the accounts from the prior years."

Tax Collection 2010
Residential Tax Collection=$75,000
Universal Health Coverage Fees=$4,256
Usage Fees= $210,000
Total Collection for 2010= $285,000

General Fund=$48,450 (17%)
Economic Development Fund=$48,450 (17%)
Community Development Fund=$48,450 (17%)
Education Fund=$48,450 (17%)
Security Fund=$28,500 (10%)
Public Health Fund=$34,200 (12)
Archives/Technology Fund=$28,500 (10%)
Total for Funds=$285,000

"If there are not any questions concerning the tax collection report, I would like to continue to the next item on the agenda." S'Ahmisa said smiling. "There are three houses located near the recently renovated Alisa Crawston Memorial Park that are in dire condition. At first there was discussion about tearing them down, however with the increased inquiries about residential housing, I asked Li Yoo what could be done about them. She suggested that we put the houses up for sale so that residents can move into them and fix them up, I wanted to know the council's thoughts on that."

"How large are those houses, they seem so tiny."

"According to the specs, they are each located on 1x2 lots and have three large bedrooms as well as two full baths and a half bath in the downstairs area. There's a small backyard as well."

"I think that having residents fix them up is a great idea. It will allow that area of the hood to be restored and will increase the land value as well. It will continue the previous work of restoring that area that renovating the park started. My only concern is how to entice residents to buy the homes."

"That's my concern as well. The houses are appraised at between $19,000 and $25,000 and even though the amount of work that needs to be done is mostly cosmetic, I don't know how we could convince residents to chose these homes as opposed to a rental home."

"Perhaps we could offer a discount or even an interest free loan."

"Or maybe even a grant. We could offer $10,000 to each buyer of the homes and make provisions that they stay put in the house for a minimum of five simyears."

"I like that idea, I wouldn't mind buying one of the houses if I were offered that deal, but of course, our family couldn't fit into a house that small."

"Should we put a deadline on the grant, maybe that a family must purchase and move into the house between 2010 and 2012?"

"How about between 2011 and 2013? We could use the rest of this simyear to finalize the grant and decide which fund or combination of funds the grant should come from since this is an economic revival and community development project."

"Sounds great, one last thing. I'm sure many of you have heard that I am running for mayor, I wanted to ensure the council that my duties will not be hindered with my campaign. Also, I need all remaining hood council proposals especially if you plan on spending funds. Otherwise, enjoy the rest of your simday."

Claire quickly wrapped up her proposal with a time to spare before her meeting with S'Ahmisa.

Since she still had about an hour until the meeting, she managed to grab a quick dinner with her boyfriend, Tao. Even though she honestly wondered how long he would remain her boyfriend. He had been distant lately and her long hours helping S'Ahmisa prepare for the mayoral election wasn't helping their relationship.

It also wasn't helping that the pizza delivery guy, Edward, was around more often

and not always to deliver pizza.

"The biggest difference with this election is that the other candidates won't stop to reveal any unflattering facts about you."  Claire explained to S'Ahmisa in her office later that evening.

"Like what?"

"Anything that can be misconstrued to appear that you have low morals or that you are not fit to be mayor. Believe me, these elections can get dirty too. They even attack your family and significant others."

"Physically attack them? Do we need to get bodyguards?"

"Not physically, but if they are caught doing anything that appears immoral or can be used against you, the other candidates will pounce and put it in the papers and defame you."

"Don't worry, I'll pass along the message to them and to make sure that they keep their noses clean."

"Good, the next thing we need to work on is your image and wardrobe choices for the circuit."
S'Ahmisa is running for mayor, I'm working on a custom career for her since I want her to have the option to be "leader of the free world" like TS3, but also have had some of the background of the TS2 political career.

Claire Lum is tempting me to add her to my list of non-playables. I'll have to think about it. Right now she's working as a campaign manager in the political career, but I don't see her as trying to get another promotion as she seems quite happy in her position.


  1. I always love seeing your hood council meetings; they're so interesting, detailed and informative. I might have to borrow this idea (yes, another one!) somewhere down the line..

    S'Ahmisa's running for mayor! With all that she's doing now, what's she going to do when she's older!?

  2. Coolkat, Borrow away, I tend to look at their talk bubbles to see what they are talking about and what the next term will bring, thanks for reading.

  3. Go S'Ahmisa! She's such an accomplished young woman.

    Claire's warning about the press digging up dirt on the family though make me wonder if they're going to turn their attention towards Si'Enya and Trevor.

  4. Carla, you can bet that the press will be sniffing around more with all of S'Ahmisa's family.

  5. Oh I hope the press leave Si'Enya and Trevor alone, and I hope that S'Ahmisa wins! She's very accomplished in her age!

  6. Maisie, you take one hot rock star plus the sister of a mayoral candidate, even if nothing was going on there, they would sniff around.


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