Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Poll Results: Li Yoo

The results are in!

Li Yoo is going on an extended international assignment in another hood. Her company has determined that she is one of the best and brightest and has signed her up for an international assignment. Of course, Li being Li, jumped at the chance and can't wait. There is even the chance that she could move permanently to another hood if she desires. What more could a woman want?

How to sign up to host Li: Participants can sign up in the comments. Just let me know your hood name and how long you want her to stay. I plan on having her make some visits home to see her children during her assignment.

Can she get married/have more children/etc? Yes, she's a grown woman with a strong mind of her own :P If you are a blogger, just update your blog with the information so others can know as well.

Do I have to blog about her? Not at all, you can just play her in your game and force her to have 18 children if you want, or experiment with various types of deaths.

I like Li...a lot. Does she have to return to Apple Valley? Nope, again, just let me know if you want to keep her in your hood, especially if you're a blogger, so I can write it into her story here.

I like Li...but not her backstory, can I change her history and make her a new simmie? Of course, you can change her name, stats, age, or whatever you like. She can be your very own "non-Li" :)

Li Yoo (Sweeny)

Aspiration: popularity/fortune
Favorite Color: red
Traits: fit, modest, loyal
Age: adult
Hobby: film & literature
Career: Architecture (City Planner)
Zodiac: Aries
Romantic: casual Benjamin Endeavor, Tobi Sweeny and others; divorced Tobi Sweeny 2004, married Tobi Sweeny 1994
Children: Triplets Ping (deceased), Simora and Aaron; Matt
Skills: cooking 3, mechanical 6, charisma 9, body 8, logic 9, creativity 7, cleaning 5

Download Li Yoo

Li's Travels
Rocky Cove
Kulo Seeri : Li Yoo Visits
To sweeten the deal, one lucky commentor will get a custom designed building from "Ms. Li Yoo".


  1. Hmmm, I don't think I remember Li having anything going on with Benjamin! Even as often as I read here, I still forget things. ;)

  2. Li would be more than welcome to stay in Kulo Seeri (the new name of Tanwa Nuidya, just for the record) for a while... but it's still a very new, very basic and extremely low-tech hood, and quite different from SimNation to boot. (although the 'very basic' bit does mean that it could probably benefit from having someone in her line of work around!)

    I'll offer to be one of the host hoods if you think she'll be able to handle a few days in the middle of nowhere, but if not, just forget I said anything. :)

    - VT

  3. Carla, Benjamin and Li were very brief fling (http://applevalleyblogs.blogspot.com/2010/04/different-things-2005-part-1.html)

    VT, thanks. I can't wait to see how Li handles a few days in your hood, it should be an interesting experience. Go ahead :)

  4. OK, Li is on her way to Kulo Seeri as I write this. She'll be staying with one of the local families during her visit. I'm sure it will be interesting, after all Li is such a city girl, whereas the Nuidya have always been anything but.

    I'll have a new post up about Li's arrival in Kulo Seeri as soon as possible. :)

    - VT

  5. Great idea! Rocky Cove is definitely open for a stay- or even a permenant residence, unless someone desperately wants her in their hood instead.

  6. I'd quite like Kulo Seeri to have a few new residents myself, but I can't see Li staying out there permanently. Unless she suddenly falls madly in love with one of my Sims, but given that the only three male residents of Kulo Seeri who aren't married or teenagers are a five year old, a 55 year old and a large dog, I don't think that's very likely either. ;)

    - VT

  7. Coolkat, thanks, I can't wait to see Li in Rocky Cove.

    VT, I think you're right about that. Wow, you really have a male shortage! LOL!

  8. Since I'm wrapping up the McMillian's stay (they ended up hanging around longer than I expected. I came up with a lot for them to do during their visit. :) ) I could have Li make a short visit during my next rotation to talk architecture with James. He could use more company. Since I'm playing in seasons I'll probably have her stay for one season, the summer. James might like to make a trip back to AV sometime, if you're interested.

  9. Em, sounds great. Li would enjoy working with James again and I know Bradford would like to have James come back to Apple Valley for a while and see how things have changed.

  10. I better get crackin'! Good thing I will be starting my new rotation I can pop Li somewhere in there!

  11. Riverdale, can't wait to see Li in your hood :)


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