Thursday, September 15, 2011

Head Twisted, 2010

Lovar, spring, 2010
Tyisha Masters is a freshman

She didn't understand why he had changed and she made sure that he was aware of that fact.

"You're different. What happened to the Rashid that I know and love."

"Sims grow up, dang Ty."

"Whatever, that chick of yours got your head twisted and got you trying to be something you're not. I mean, when was the last time you spent hours at the arcade?"

His silence was enough of an answer.

"Thought not, bet she got you dressed up in those penguin suits attending fundraisers with her. Bet you have to sip wine and converse with the other fake sims."

"What are you getting at?"

"I'm just saying...a woman that wants to be with you, should want to be with you not some altered version of you."

Tyisha really cared about her friend. It did take her a long time to get over his fine behind, but she managed and they were even able to resume their friendship. Just because his nose was wide open with S'Ahmisa didn't mean that she liked the chick. Tyisha still thought that S'Ahmisa just swooped down into Simmington Hills and changed the whole order of things bewteen her and Rashid. She was Rashid's girl, true he had slept with that slut, but she was his girl and their fathers were best friends. They were supposed to get married and be Simmington Hill's power couple...but then that stiff, proper, goody-two shoes S'Ahmisa arrived with her long curly hair and kimikurian outfits and snatched her man right from under her.

But that was in the past, and Tyisha claimed that she didn't care anymore. She had her buddy back and they were a lot better as friends, though he was still fine and she wasn't blind to the way his eyes would survey her body. Not a little girl anymore, am I Rashid?

It was because she cared so much about him that she couldn't stand S'Ahmisa. She was changing her Rashid into some sort of cardboard version of himself. He didn't dance as much, he didn't play his beloved video games as much and he wasn't as cool as he used to be. She turned him into some sort of nerdy political pawn and S'Ahmisa better beware that Tyisha wasn't about to allow her best buddy to be turned into a pawn!


Besides her confrontation with Rashid, Tyisha's semester was going well.

Her art classes were a bit strange at the moment, as her professor had died in a house fire, but she never thought about the impact of his death to her.

"Tyisha Masters, thank you for meeting with me."

Tyisha smiled nervously at the woman. She couldn't help but wonder why she was called in for a very important meeting, according to the university secretary.

"There is no easy way to say this, but your scholarship has been canceled."

"Canceled?!?! Why?!?!"

"With the death of Mr.Herendez, the scholarship that you had also died. I'm sorry."


She tried to distract herself with shopping, which probably wasn't wise. Most of her financial aid was tied in that scholarship.

Her roommate tried to cheer her up by taking her to WilTech for some sewing classes.

"You'll enjoy it, fabric is a different medium to express your art."

She was right, Tyisha did enjoy it. She got the hang of the machine fairly quickly and was able to sew a tiny potholder to send back home to her daddy.

The best news was that there was a new scholarship for fashion design students. It was smaller than her last scholarship, but it would allow her to stay in school, especially if she could find a second job. If she decided to specialized in fashion design then everything would be back to almost normal. Things were looking up.


  1. Oh no, I really don't want to Rashid and S'Ahmisa to break up! They are so cute! I'm not really liking Tyisha at the moment...

    Sucks that's she lost her scholarship though. Hopefully she can get another one so she can stay in Uni.

  2. Coolkat, Rashid and S'Ahmisa are a pretty strong couple, even if Tyisha is bringing up some valid points. By switching her major to fashion design, she is able to use another scholarship at the moment and stay in least for another year. Thanks for reading.

  3. Tyisha does have a point. Rashid shouldn't have to change for S'Ahmisa to be with him. But I hope she doesn't cause them to break up.

    That's sad that she lost her scholarship. I'm glad she found a solution to help her stay in school!

  4. I don't know if I agree with Tyisha......the things she described that he doesn't do as much are......well small. He's growing up, becoming an adult. I would love to play my sims all day but I have work and school and other responsibilities that come with being an adult. So I don't know if I believe she's just watching out for him. Seems to me that she still has a thing for him lol. I'm glad she found a temporary solution to her problem, but I just feel like there's trouble on the horizon with her in town. Feels like a storm is brewing :/

  5. I don't think I agree with Tyisha either. People grow up and they have responsibilities. It will eventually happen to Tyisha as well. It's also possible Rashid's interests have genuinely changed and he's not as into dancing and video games as he once was. It happens.

    I am glad that Tyisha will be able to stay at uni though. I didn't think of the ramifications outside the Herendez family.

  6. Shana, Rashid has been changing very fast and he doesn't have a lot of the same interests that he did while in SH, which could be a part of growing up or being changed. Those two are pretty strong as a couple, so hopefully this doesn't effect them too much. Thanks for reading.

    Mizzgin, you might be right about Tyisha having a thing for him...or at least having a thing against the "snobby girl that stole her man that summer" :P Thanks for reading.

    Carla, you're right interests do change, unfortunately Tyisha doesn't see it as such. The Herendez family had the foundation for the arts and scholarships, which I could see them canceling since they are no longer collecting income. Thanks for reading.

  7. Oh boy. Never a good thing when one girl cuts side eyes to another. It should be interesting to see the two of them in the same room together for some amount of time. I agree with Tyisha to a point about changing but sometimes growing up and changing isn't always a bad thing. Changes hardly feel comfortable.

  8. Choco, those two in the same room, it isn't that great. S'Ahmisa's is trying to be polite and Tyisha is ...well, she's Tyisha. Then there's Rashid stuck in the middle of his ex-girlfriend/good friend and his current girlfriend. Poor man!

  9. I'm glad that she found something else that she enjoyed and that has a scholarship. I have to say, that points that Tyisha brings up do sound valid... it doesn't mean Rashid should break up suddenly or something, and people can change and mature in life. I don't still play ponies and get mad at my husband over it. ;)

    I'm glad that S'Ahmisa and Rashid are a strong couple, hopefully if they have any issues with not visiting arcades or something, that they can work through it. Honestly, it seems S'Ahmisa wants more from him, to be a better Rashid... while Tyisha is more about pegging him into his past and his old self. He'll probably accomplish more in life and feel more confident with S'Ahmisa than he would ever with Tyisha.

  10. Maisie, your insights are very interesting about S'Ahmisa wanting more and Tyisha wanting him to be the same old Rashid. Thanks for reading.


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