Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poll Results: Anthony and Susie

The results are in

Should Anthony and Susie get permanent birth control?

Apparently 50% of you think yes and 50% think no for a tie! I guess the idea of more babies for this couple is more appealing to you guys, though equally balanced with the need to see Susie not murder her husband for knocking her up again.

So considering their IFS are 1 and 5 and this baby makes 3, I think they will opt for the procedure.

There's a new poll, as well as a new page for Pierce University.


  1. Lol! Ties don't happen very often..

  2. I'm glad that they will have a procedure done. Unless Anthony is willing to have the next baby, they are done!

    I'm liking the new info PU page. Wow, PU is tough to get into! It looks like my LC students have to really buckle down.

  3. Coolkat, I know! I was very surprised at the tie!

    Laurel Crossing, LOL! The new page has taken a lot of direction from your Meade University. I figured that since it had been around since TS1 then it would probably be an elite school. I'm working on the technical school page, but I hope to send a lot of my studnts to other hoods for school.

  4. I think 3 is a good compromise for them. And poor Susie really deserves a break from the pregnancies! ;)

  5. An even split, huh? Well, good for Susie! Three is certainly enough! :)

  6. Three is definitely a nice compromise for Anthony and Susie. The poor girl has already had two more babies than she wanted!

  7. Shana, I think she does as well. She's been constantly pregnant since her first.

    City of Simberry, exactly even split, I was very surprised, thanks for reading.

    Carla, I think Anthony would agree with you, even though he would love a houseful.

  8. LOL it's funny that it was tie! I guess we are all undecided, but I support the procedure. Seems like 3 is plenty for these two.

  9. Maisie, I thought it was funny that there was a tie as well, ties are so hard to get.


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