Thursday, September 1, 2011

Proven Treatment, 2010

Hapar, spring, 2010
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"I wonder why they wanted me to come back to the clinic?" Grace Elise asked her papi.

Jorge tried to smile at his daughter and his waiting wife, but it was hard. He knew that if the news was good, a simple phone call would have been enough, but whenever a doctor wanted to see you in often meant something dire.

"We'll have to see, mija."

They didn't have to wait too long, upstairs Dr. Donna O'Dale and Dr. Julio Wilsonoff looked over the results one more time.

"I really appreciate you sitting in on this meeting with me," Donna said.

Julio looked at her with his serious green eyes. "I couldn't not be here. This is my neice and my twin brother we're discussing."

The family entered the room and sat around the conference table. It was silent at first until Donna cleared her throat.

"Thank you for coming today, I...I asked Dr.Wilsonoff to sit in on this meeting as well."

Jorge nodded towards his brother and the twins shared a glance, that simple glance from their identical green eyes was enough for Jorge to know that this day would change everything. Even Jolie knew it, she knew it from the phone call early yesterday morning. Her nails proved her terror about the meeting, their ragged edges catching the fabric of her dress and her lip torn apart by her teeth.

"There really isn't an easy way to say this, but Grace Elise's Nissomada counts came back abnormal."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that your nissomada cells are abnormal and are attacking your healthy cells."

" I just take some vitamins...right?" Grace Elise asked pleadingly.

Donna sighed, "Not exactly..."

"Then what?" Jolie asked.

"Well, right now there isn't a proven treatment for-"

"No treatment?!?!" Jorge roared.

"Hermano!" Julio chastised.

"What is she talking about?"

Julio sighed, "there isn't a treatment available that has results, but there are a few options and unproven treatments that we can try."

At that moment the seriousness of the issue hit Grace Elise like the pain of the wooden floor when she fell last week. It was that very fall that caused her to come to the doctor to make sure that her injury wouldn't stop her from dancing. Now it seemed that her muscles were fine, but her blood was on a mission to slowly poison and kill her. It was the very substance within her meant to give her life that was leeching it away from her.

"Am I going to die?" she moaned, not daring to meet the eyes of her doctor.

"Let's take this one step at a time, ok?" Donna reassured the young girl.

"Come on," Julio motioned to his colleague. "Let's give the family a bit of space to process the information. If you need anything, hermano, call me. I'll be waiting for you to call."

As soon as the doctors left the room, Grace Elise wails filled the room.

"I don't want to die! Mama! Papi! I don't want to die!"

"Shh, mija." Jorge said stroking her hair. "Let's not talk about such things."

"It will be ok, Grace Elise," Jolie offered, trying to convince herself that it would be ok. That there were treatments available, dangerous and unproven, but at least there were treatments available.

She looked at her husband over the head of their crying daughter and saw a mirror image of her own sadness and despair in his eyes.

"We will beat this," Jorge promised. "Don't worry."


  1. Wow, what a powerful update Starr

    I really feel for Grace Elise. She's so young.

  2. OMG! No! This is not good, not at all. I can tell you right now, Jodi and the clan aren't taking this news too well either.

  3. Oh no! And I'm really scared now, because of all those ROS deaths you've been rolling lately.

    I really hope one of those unproven treatments comes through for Grace Elise. :(

  4. :S I've been anxious about your upcoming ROSs wondering who the victims are going to be. I hate to see any of your sims go, but it's especially tragic if it turns out to be a sim as young as Grace Elise. :,( I hope Jorge is right . . .

  5. Heredon Cove, thank you. It was really hard to write, so I played the song on repeat to get me in the right "mood", thanks for reading.

    Riverdale, most of the Dawson clan in Apple Valley is pretty upset about things as well. Technically Grace Elise is the first grandchild (even though your simmies are older). Thankfully there is treatment out there and she had a milder case before that was treated, so that's good news.

    Carla, the thing about the ROS is that even though I was tempted to reroll (especially since I had such big plans for some of the simmies) I know that it will work out later...but it sucks, thanks for reading.

    Em, this round of ROS will be tough. One of my simmies goes so suddenly :( Grace Elise will be starting treatment immediately.

  6. Awww. I hope Grace Elise will be able to recover. I feel terrible for her family. :(

  7. Wow. This post really tugged at my heartstrings, especially as I have just lost one of my teen Sims. I'm actually fighting back tears as I type. I really hope Grace Elise gets through this.

    (Going off-topic here: the first post on my new Nuidya Sims blog is up; if you still want to link to my site, can you please use that url instead of the old site's? I haven't updated that since the time of the dinosaurs.)

    Back on topic: Get well soon, Grace Elise!

    - VT

  8. VT thanks for letting me know about the new link. I think losing simmies is always hard, especially when they haven't reached their elder years yet, thanks for reading.

  9. Ohh poor Grace Elise. This is awfully horrible and sad, and terrible, and a whole slew of other words with the same meaning. :( I know you do your ROS ahead of time so you can do the back story for them if necessary, which I think is awesome. . . but Oh my gosh, how horribly sad if Grace Elise dies :(

  10. Maisie, I try to have my ROSs keep you guys on your toes as well, so there is always a least until the ROS is fulfilled.

  11. This update made me so sad! Grace Elise is too young to have something like this happen. I hope the treatment for her goes well.

  12. city of portmanteaux, I think so too and I hope the treatment works out as well :)

  13. What a powerful update. I feel so badly for her. Can't wait to see what happens. Very well written.

  14. Choco I'm glad you liked the update, it was so hard to write :\ thanks for reading.


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