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Darn Sexy, 2010

Remar, summer, 2010
Faith is 26, Olivia is 4, Vivienne is 3. Walt Jones is 27

"I'm glad you're off tonight, the club is running a special promotion and if I'm any good, I bet I can rack up some extra money in tips."

Walt smiled as he put the dishes in the sink and sat on the couch. Extra money was what they needed, even though Faith had found another job DJing at a local club for more money than she was making as a clerk, there were still bills to pay.

They just seemed to keep piling and each one was bigger than the last. There were all the late fees in addition to the current statements and in addition to the unpaid balances. They were lucky that they hadn't encountered any repossession agents.

If Faith was worried about the bills it didn't show. Instead she would often return to the apartment with a pack of malted nectar and a box of cookies for the girls. It was money that could have gone towards paying an utility bill, but Walt couldn't be upset.

Not when he did the same thing. Perhaps that was the issue, both of them were so bad with money. Not awfully bad, but just not responsible enough sometimes.

They were well aware of their debt issues and the lack of income to pay for their debt, but that didn't stop them from picking up little indulgences like malted nectar and sweets instead of sensible items like bread and cheese.

"I hope you do bring some extra simoleans home, that would be nice." Walt said as Faith left the apartment for work.

Unfortunately it was as if the girls were waiting for their mommy to leave in order to cause chaos.


"Olivia! Let go of your sister's head, right now!"

"AGGHHH!!! Daddy!!!! Vivi push me!!!!"

Apparently pushing her big sister wasn't all that Vivienne did. When Walt couldn't find his socks that he knew he left by the door and saw the rising water in the toilet, he had a pretty good idea about where the socks had disappeared to.

"Ugh, this is not how I want to spend a Saturday night," he grumbled pushing the plunger with all his might.


On the other hand, Faith was enjoying her Saturday evening. It was a break and she was allowing the computer to run the next set for her.

"Hey good looking, is this stool empty?" She asked sliding into the seat.


"Verde? Hi, how are you?"

"I'm doing well. Here, let me buy you that drink."

"Aww, thanks. You were always a sweetie. And so darn sexy, look at you and your dimples."

Verde grinned, his bright eyes glowing.

The pair shared several more drinks that night as well as flirty caresses and whispers.

"You know something?" Faith whispered drunkenly.


"I always had a little crush on you, but you were too young. Funny how those things matter so much in secondary school."

"I always thought you were kind of hot yourself."

"Really? You were always wrapped around that little girl's finger...S'Ahmisa! Yes, you were always following around her. I always thought that you two would be married with babies. What happened?"

Verde's mood sobered a bit as he recalled the curly hair vixen that kept him on his toes. He had thought that they would be together as well. It was almost destined that they would be together...but he guess destiny had a way of changing its mind like a stubborn toddler.

"Well, it doesn't matter.  That was ages ago," Faith said grinning. "The night is still young and if this was a few years ago, you'd be at my place enjoying a sweet dessert, if you get my meaning."

"I get your meaning."

Faith yawned. "It was nice talking to you. I better head in, another busy day tomorrow night."

"Alright, take care of yourself."

"You do the same, Verde."

ROS: Pursue a relationship with the Sim you're most attracted to.

When I found out who she was most attracted to, I wanted to scream. I had finally gotten Verde to roll the darn marriage want to Lainey and I had locked it and everything. So I had them meet at the bar, but nothing was going on. She was attracted to him and I forced them to flirt, but nothing changed in their want panels towards each other, so I took it to mean that perhaps they were being more responsible and maybe they wouldn't let ACR take control.

However after this little fiasco at the bar, the marriage want isn't in Verde's panel anymore, even though it was LOCKED!!! So whatever they chatted about cause Verde to get some cold feet. Grrr....Faith had better not screw up my plans for my other simmies >:(


  1. Oh, don't you hate that, when you just get your sims settled and behaving and an ROS or ACR has them doing something different. This is when I would take a creative interpretation of "pursue a relationship." Friendship is a kind of relationship, right? lol I'm glad they were resistant even if your ROS was trying to make them unfaithful. That's weird that his marriage want became unlocked. :/ I hope it rolls back up again.

  2. I like Em's idea. Yes, a friendship is definitely a kind of relationship. Perhaps Verde is riding high from flirty with his childhood crush so he's not thinking about marriage right now. At least I hope so. Hopefully if he and Lainey interact again, the marriage want will come back up. How strange for that to disappear. Faith really did put his head into a tailspin, huh?

  3. I'd be annoyed too, especially seeing you locked the want! It's probably been a while since Verde has been flirted with, so he's flattered, naturally. Hopefully, Faith realises what she has waiting for her at home and Verde thinks of Lainey, if they ever think about taking this any further.

  4. Em, I like that, "friendship" is a relationship and I think that works better for these two as well, thanks for reading.

    Choco, so far the marriage want hasn't come up again since this incident, I don't know what Faith did, but Verde isn't thinking about marriage at all.

    Carla, I hope you're right. I'm still confused about why it rolled away. thanks for reading.

  5. That's so frustrating that the want disappeared! :( I'm glad that they didn't do anything other than flirt, but I hope Faith hasn't messed things up for Verde now and made him change his mind.

  6. Oh my goodness! When I saw that she was VERY forward with Verde, I felt bad for Walt, stuck at home with the kids, and then I felt bad for Lainey, doing who knows what! I'm glad that they did not accelerate the evening and make some very bad choices. I hope your want for marriage to Lainey comes back too.

  7. Shana, those two barely even flirted, it had been a long time since they saw each other so their relationship score was very low, thanks for reading.

    Maisie, I hope so too, Lainey has been very patient, a little too patient in my opinion, but she wants what she wants and she wants Verde at the moment :\

  8. How did your locked marriage want manage to vanish? That's just bizarre... but it does sort of add a little more interest to the story, right? Although I have to say I'm with Em. When in doubt, look for a loophole. :)

    - VT

    (by the way, I kinda need help with a few new ideas... I've posted them on my blog if anyone thinks they can help. This is not a plug, I just happen to be a not-very-well-known blogger who is stuck and needs fellow Simmers, not clueless relatives, to help out this time. XD )

  9. Oh no! Are you still going to get him and Lainey married!?

    I don't think they should worry too much about their financial issues; every couple goes through it. It's a life lesson they're going to have to learn.

    Lol, look at me! They are simmies for goodness sake! :)

    Great update!

  10. VT, I like the interpetations that you guys have shared about the locked marriage rolling away, thanks for reading.

    Coolkat, the wedding is still on. Faith and Walt are so broke, but I love having a few simmies that struggle a bit.


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