Monday, September 12, 2011

Financial Director Note: 2009-2012

Bradford McMillian
My plans for the 2009-2012 term based on the responsibilities of the Financial Director.

  • Oversee hood finances
    -Taxes will continue to be separated into funds based on the proposals from the fund managers.
    -Assess networths every two simyears before taxes due. Last assessment was 2009. Next assessment is in 2011
  • Implement taxes and welfare support
    -Taxes will now be collected every other simyear, 2010 and 2012
  • Coordinate local trades and import based on needs of the community-Import policy is more strict and residents are making more use of sponsored Maxis items. Our current import usage is 1.32GB however there are rumors that this will be cut to 1.00GB. Will work with the Archives/Technology Officer to find ways to reduce this. Our largest usage of imports is clothing and hairstyles with clothing using 332MB of import usage. Goal is to reduce this number by 50% by the end of 2012.
  • Oversee local businesses and associated laws
    -Create a tax break for new business owners to increase the number of local businesses. New business owners will not have to pay business taxes the first simyear and then only pay 50% of business tax the 2nd simyear.
    -Create a tax break for businesses with a rank higher than 5 to encourage long term business growth. Businesses with a rank of 9 or 10 will pay 50% of business tax, provided that they have maintained a rank of 9 or 10 for at least two simyears and are providing at least two positions for local residents.
  • Collect taxes and fees from residents-Taxes will now be collected every other simyear, 2010 and 2012
  • Manage the local real estates including construction of new homes, remodeling of homes and destruction of homes
    -The current City Planner, Li Yoo, serves in this role.
    -Ensure that there are multiple price points for housing.
    -Building of residential space has slowed until current spaces are used. Projected 100% usage by 2015.
    -Investigate if possible to add housing and roads within current terrain.
  • Serve as bank manager
    -Eventually would like to hire a sim for this position and increase the number of options from the local bank branch or outsource this service.
Budget 2010
General Fund $                  49,742 17%
Economic Development Fund $                  49,742 17%
Community Development Fund $                  49,742 17%
Education Fund $                  49,742 17%
Security Fund $                  29,260 10%
Public Health Fund $                  35,112 12%
Archives/Technology Fund $                  29,260 10%
 $                292,600 100%


  1. LOL, I love how you talk about downloads as imports! I won't tell you how much I've got in my game. ;)

  2. I was just thinking about my DL folder too. I stopped checking it after it hit 2 GB.

    Looking for a bank manager? Do you want to take Blake off my hands (:P)? I'm so sick of looking at him right now. He seems to take a liking to a townie (that's already made an appearance). So it seems he now has his hot blonde. Jerk!

  3. Carla, I think I've been calling it imports since the beginning of participating in the FSBS community, thanks for reading

    Laurel Crossing, LOL! I think Blake is going to be very interesting for your hood. I can't wait to see how everyone else responds to him. However, perhaps AV could contract out the banking responsibities to Blake.


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