Friday, September 30, 2011

IMPROVED: Jessup Street (formerly Cinderblock) Rowhomes , 4-Unit

I modified my Jessup Street Rowhomes (Cinderblock Rowhomes) to be a bit larger. Now there are two 3 bedrooms and two 2 bedroom units. I added a bit more in landscaping as well and got rid of the breadfruit trees thanks to some information about lightening fires and trees.

Landscaping and potted plants by the doors, also backyards have additional landscaping with a patio, more flowers and trees. Each backyard is unique in their patio and landscaping.

On the main levels, the biggest difference is additional space. There are larger kitchens with eat-in space, more living room space, and half baths downstairs. I didn't decorated the units as much since they are apartments and your simmies will be decorating them. I provided enough to keep the other apartment groupies entertained and satisfied.

The biggest change is on the second floor

All units have two full baths upstairs (one is an en-suite bath for the master bedroom) and all bedrooms are larger. The center units have three bedrooms while the corner units have two bedrooms.

Download the clean version here


  1. Hi - Love your blog - currently reading your work from 2008 - hope to be caught up by end of year - (: - this is my favorite lot - did you notice that there is an extra roof piece on the left? - I am not a builder and had a heck of a time removing it - just thought I'd let you know.....

  2. simstwoplayergirl, wow, great eye! Thanks for catching that for me. I can't believe you are reading that far back.

  3. I can't play this lot without getting an error message that tells me to either reset or delete. I also can't place objects into the rented unit.

  4. Savannah Sims, yikes, that sounds odd. I haven't heard of that problem before in any of the forums. Keep me posted if you find a solution or if there is a hack conflict.


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