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Rabbit Died, 2010

Lovar, spring, 2010

"He's getting pretty big, Alphonso." Jarred said to his brother while sitting on the floor with his nephew.

"Yea, well that's what kids do, they get bigger."

"Babe," Krissy said entering the cramped apartment. "Ming and S'Ahmisa are stopping by, would you mind..."

"We're out of here," Alphonso answered before she could finish. It wasn't that he didn't like her friends, but there wasn't enough room in the apartment for his brothers and Krissy's friends at the same time.

"You guys should really let us get you a bigger place."

"That's alright, we're happy here." Krissy said smiling. She didn't want to get into the same conversation again, but she knew that soon she would have to allow the brothers to move them into a bigger apartment.

The fact that her big sister, Jasmine Frankson, was also pressuring the couple to move into something larger didn't help matters.

"There's a unit a few doors over from me," Jasmine had explained on the phone. "You could move there and then the cousins could play together."

"I still can't believe you're having another one. You're worse than mom."

Jasmine laughed at the reference to their mother. Jasmine was 13 simyears old and the only child before their parents decided to expand their family with Krissy, and followed shortly by Ricky. It was a large age gap and Jasmine was barely around when Krissy was growing up, in fact Krissy was only seven simyears old when Jasmine's oldest son, Erricson, was born.  Now the two women were trying to forge a bond in their adult life to make up for lost time.

"I guess so, Erricson is a freshman in university, I should be done having babies, but here we are again," she answered laughing before the sisters hung up the phone.

"You're what?" Ming asked as Krissy put Claudio on the floor.

"Pregnant. With child. The rabbit has died. In the family way. Up the duff. Knocked up. However you want to call it."

"The rabbit what?" Ming asked. "You have a rabbit?"


"Congratulations," S'Ahmisa offered to her friend. "Are you guys hoping for another boy?"

"I wouldn't mind another boy, Alphonso wants a little girl."

"I'm sorry, but the rabbit what? What the hell does that mean? And what is a duff?"


Perhaps she should have known that life was cruel and unfair and had a score to settle with her.

She had finally gotten back into the dance industry, appearing as a dancer for Mellow Metal.

The girls were both mobile and the days of endless diapers and bottles seemed like they would be coming to an end soon.

Then she found herself hugging the toilet a bit too often without the aid of her favorite nectar.

"You did this to me!"

Anthony cocked a shy grin, "I do believe it takes two. If I'm calculating things correctly, I think that it was that night were you gave me far too much nectar and took advantage of me on the grass in the rain underneath the full moon."

He was right of course, she had literally attacked him, but darn it, she wanted him so bad and now it was obvious why. Apparently her ovaries wanted him as well and they won.

"I don't know what I'm going to go with three kids," Susie wailed to her foster mother.

"The same thing you do with two kids, you'll take care of them."

"Ugh, why is this happening? I only wanted one child and a miniature puppy."

"Well, now you're going to have three. You can still get the little dog if you want, but I advise against it until at least one of the children is in school."

"Seriously...what's going to happen to my career? And our apartment, we can't fit another crib in the bedroom!"

"You'll find something bigger, don't worry. Far as your career, take it one simday at a time, ok?"

Susie sighed, "ok."

Warning spam of Krissy and Claudio

Warning-now there is spam of Robin and Starling

They look just alike, almost like twins and they both resemble Anthony. Robin's in the yellow and Starling is in purple.

Starling as a baby

Baby Thorn and Baby Wren are due Havar 2010.

Krissy and Alphonso live in my Prospect Reduex apartments and their unit has enough space for a family of four, but it's a bit cramped especially considering that they'll have two toddlers at one time. I have to build something for them...or move them to a larger apartment financed by Alphonso's brothers.

Not sure if you guys remember this post from Krissy's wedding, but Jasmine and Krissy are now sisters, which also means that Ricky is Jasmine's brother as well.

Susie and Anthony live in my Gavigan Gate apartments. Their unit is spacious and large enough for a family of four, but they will have to move soon. I have a place in mind for them, so they will move in soon. Also, their yellow sofa is from my Ektrop set.


  1. Wow, number three! But they make such beautiful babies, so I'm happy for them! Can't wait for the new little ones to be born!

  2. Riverdale I'm glad you're happy for them, I literally groaned and screamed at them. They always seem to be pregnant whenever I load thier lot, I need to rethink getting Anthony snipped.

  3. Baby #3 for Susie and Anthony! Wow...LOL, they really are fertile, aren't they? And Susie is still so young. This could go on for a while. ;)

    And yay for Krissy and Alphonso too, for making Claudio a big brother. I bet this new one will be just as cute.

    Love the spam at the end there - that first picture of Krissy and Claudio is one of the cutest mother/son pictures ever. <3

  4. Ooh poor Susie, I know a baby is supposed to be a happy thing, but she only wanted one child so badly, and now number 3 is on the way! I can see she's not too thrilled about that!
    I'm thinking of snipping all males in SimsVille, every lot I open some one ends up pregnant!

    Looking forward to both babies!!

  5. Carla, don't jinx me! Next thing you'll know Susie will be pregnant...again and I'll just point in your direction so she can direct her wrath on you :P I adore that photo of Krissy and Claudio, I have thought about making photos for Krissy, but then that's a bit too much to do for a non-playable NPC. It's like she's fighting to enter into the playable status :)

    Tanja, I don't think Susie even wanted that one child, but she was willing to have one if she was forced to. Now she is about to have three and she's happy since it's a new life, but not so happy that it's growing inside of her. I think if she didn't have to keep dropping out of the dance career and being left out of auditions and such thanks to the pregnancies she would like it better. Thanks for reading.

  6. Whew, I was worried when I saw the title to this update on the side tab, I'm glad it turned out to be just the opposite, even if it wasn't what Suzie was hoping for. I hope she comes around and can get to the point where she couldn't imagine her life any other way, even if it wasn't the way she would have planned her life. I think Krissy does want to be a playable. I like her family with Alphonso and Claudio.

  7. Oh how I love Ming lol. I admit, I wondered myself where that saying came from. Krissy and Alphonso have good genes so I'm sure the new baby will be just as cute as Claudio.......and Oh, Susie......woohoo has consequences! I think she'll be fine, once she stops whining and accepts the reality of the situation. I smiled at the mention of her dancing for Mellow Metal :). I'm sure she was awesome!

  8. Ooohh! I'm excited for Krissy to have another one! Alphonso is just adorable! Are you hoping for a certain gender, or do you not care since she's Unplayable?

    Aww Susie...I definitely don't mind another one for her, the twins are cute..but I know that it must suck to put your career on hold AGAIN. Hopefully, (for her sanity and Anthony's life) this will be her last.

    Lol at Ming! :)

  9. Em, I thought the title would give away far too much :P Sorry for the scare. I think Susie adores her daughters, but she can't help but be resentful right now since her career has been placed on hold all the time.

    Mizzgin, I adore Ming as well, she says the craziest things. I couldn't help but throwing that tidbit about Mellow Metal into the story, I hope she was good as well :P thanks for reading.

    Coolkat, I would like for them to have a girl and then I would make them stop at two since they're non-playables and their IFS is so freaking high anyway :P Robin and Starling are pretty much clones of each other, I wish that they were twins, but they're about 1 simyear apart. I hope this child is their last, but they keep surprising me.

  10. Absolutely LOVE anthonys facial expression when tiny Susie is getting all angry up at him and I loved his response. I just adore him to pieces! Too cute and yummy! Can't wait to see what they have. I think three girls would be super sweet. I'm bummed you have to move them though, I really liked their place and how you decorated it. I also think that Susie would be one to push for some type of permanent birth control. She has a career to think about, and does think about.

    Krissy and Claudio are really cute together.

  11. Maisie, Anthony is one sexy pixelated simmie :) I wouldn't mind them having a boy finally, but I could see Anthony as the father of three little girls. I adored their place as well and I'm actually recoloring items for them for their big move, I guess it's a consolation prize for having to move and get knocked up again :P Thanks for reading!


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